Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hello again from the cobnut plat

It is June and the orchids are flourishing on the plat.

The Common Spotted are actually nothing to get over-excited about; the clue is in the name for they are indeed quite common, especially where there is hazel, or in this case cobnuts. Nevertheless they are a fine sight and the rows will not be mown until the flowers have set seed and no harm can come to them.

Growers of crops are reluctant to predict the harvest at this stage of the year but at present there are good signs of the little nutkins so fingers will be crossed.
Look carefully to find the baby cobnuts

After a long dry winter and spring, the rain of recent days has been very welcome, especially for the young trees which have been planted up to fill some gaps.
Blue markers indicate the newly planted trees

My value-added product goes under the name 'Gilly Jones's Cobnut and Bramley Apple Granola-muesli' , which is quite a mouthful in more ways than one. It can be found on sale at Shipbourne Farmers' Market and other local fairs and I'll be there with it at the Ightham Mote Open Farm Sunday on June 11th. You or your friends can also order by emailing me at

Cobnut and Bramley Apple granola-muesli

Things go quiet on the plat now until late August and early September, when the crop will be harvested but do keep in touch. Helping hands will always be welcome in September.

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